Dos and Don’ts When Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Calgary

There are some important dos and don’ts a property owner needs to follow when they want to replace the roof on their residential property. With a large number of roofing companies calgary progressive roofing out there to choose from you need to know how to screen them if you want to make the right decision.

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Important Don’t to Follow

·    Never hire a freelancing carpenter to do your roofing. They may have the hands-on skill to do the job but you have no way of knowing whether they will do a good job. With the cost of a new roof representing a considerable amount of money you need to make sure you are getting good value for your money.

·    Never hire an unlicensed roofing contractor. If you hired an unlicensed Calgary roofing contractor and they damaged your property or got hurt your home insurance provider will not protect you. Ask any prospective roofing contractor for proof they are licensed, if they do not have it you cannot hire them.

·    Does the roofing contractor offer a warranty on the work they are doing? If the contractor does not offer a warranty or it is less than 10 years you cannot hire them. The roof is going to cost you a substantial amount of cash and if you do not have a warranty in place you would be responsible for any subsequent repairs the roof needed.

After working through these don’t you should be able to create a list of licensed roofing contractors in Calgary that provide a warranty. What you have to do is ask the prospective contractor the following questions.

·    Do you offer in-house financing? The cost of a new roof can be substantial and if you do not have the cash on hand you will need to pay for it out of your own pocket. Well-established roofing contractors will offer financing either in-house or via 3rd party partners. If the prospective contractor does not offer it they still may be suitable but you should move them down your list of candidates.

·    Do you have a guaranteed turnaround time? You want the roof to be removed and replaced in a timely manner. You want peace of mind knowing that when you book the work it will be done by the promised completion time. All professional roofers respect their time and yours so they will have no issues giving you this assurance.

·    Do you offer free estimates? You have to get free estimates from a few different roofing contractors to try and identify the one that is going to provide you with the best value for your money. These quotes should be in writing and cover all of the costs associated with the roofing companies calgary progressive roofing services being provided.

When you have gathered the free estimates from the various Calgary roofing contractors you will be able to pick the ones that are going to best meet your needs so start assessing them now.